The TEAM Adventures!


Adventure Race

Exploration and teambuilding combined into the effective yet fun activity. If you are
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Concentrade… Aim… & Shoot! Set a goal and strive to achieve it! If
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Beach Adventure

Extensive range of beach adventure activities suitable for all ages and interests. If
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Heritage Race

SG50 Incredible Race aims to strengthen bonds, enhance collaboration and engage community while
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Lazer Action!

This highly innovative, team-focused sport akin to engaging in a real-life combat simulation
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Sandcastle Adventure

Grains of sand or Fortresses of ideas! Behind every piece of creation, you
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Stompa Rhythm

Simple pieces of equipment to create different rhythms and yet form a performing
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Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH)

The Team Challenge Hourglass (TCH) is one of Outdoor Adventures' most significant innovation
4.5 / 2 reviews
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The Archery Combat Challenge!

  Battle it out in a competitive, but safe, combat experience with The
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The Bubble Challenge!

Bubble Soccer Ball is a great soccer activity for anyone who is competitive
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