SeaOPS 1 Star Kayaking Course

SeaOPS 1 Star Kayaking Course



– Course fee: S$80
– “Minimum 4 pax to start.” and “Due to Phase 2 restrictions, maximum 5 pax per group.”


Aim: To introduce sea kayaking to beginners

Environment: Sea
Course fee: S$80
Course Duration: 12 hours, 2 days (6 hours per day)

Type of Craft: Single Seat Decked Kayaks

· Personal Kayaking Equipment
· Expedition Theory Part 1
· Weather Hazards
· Environmental Hazards

· Carrying and lifting of kayaks with and without assistance
· Launching off and coming ashore (for both beach and pontoon/berth)
· Forward Paddling
· Reverse Paddling
· Forward and Reverse Sweep Strokes
· Moving Sideways: “J” Draw
· Moving Sideways: Classic Draw
· Moving Sideways: Sculling Draw
· Low Brace
· Stern Rudder
· Capsize Drill
· Rafted “X” Rescue
· Emptying of water on land
· Emptying of water in sea
· Rescue drill with Safety Boat
· Expedition of at least 3km