Family Bonding

Family Bonding Day is a day for families to come together to strengthen their relationships with activities that can be done as a family.

In Outdoor Adventures, we believe in the importance of family, and that home is where the heart is. With them by your side creating beautiful memories together and supporting you through challenging times, Outdoor Adventures believes in creating the perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your family in our fun and exciting recreational activities and Family Bonding Day events!

Over the years, we have built a loyal customer base with our experienced facilitators who are capable of engaging all ages, from young to old. Fun filled laughter in our family day events are guaranteed when led by these talented individuals.


What do we have to offer?


Kayak Adventure
Kayaking is not just a recreational sport. Add in a tinge of excitement as you race as a family against others to the finish line.

Sandcastle Adventure
The winning building requires the combined efforts and perseverance of the whole family.

The Raft Adventure
Ever dreamt of being an engineer? No problem! Here, you can build your own raft and paddle across unchartered waters to the finish line. A test of your family’s will and commitment.

Lazer Action
Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be in a warzone? Look no further from our realistic, team-focused combat simulation sport. It puts to test the family’s ability to co-ordinate, strategise and execute an effective game plan while staying “alive” to accomplish a given mission. The best part? It doesn’t hurt, unlike real life war.

Cardboard Race Car Challenge

Families to go back to the old times where cardboards were sufficient enough to come up with hours of fun. Families will build and design race cars and compete!

Build-A-Boat Challenge

Similar to the Cardboard Race Car Challenge, families will be building a boat and they will have to launch it to test it out in the water afterwards! Prepare to get wet in this activity!

Adventure Race

With the use of photographs and maps, Adventure Race! is designed to take families through the exhilarating sounds and sights of Sentosa Island in a challenging and competitive environment. The objective of the race is to gain as many points as possible within the given time frame. Together as a FAMILY and TEAM, participants have to strategise and plan their route in order to maximise resource utilisation and minimise time usage.

Family Picasso Challenge

Getting Crafty together! Family will get together to do to create an art piece with words/ quotes/ family tree  that best represents their families using different art techniques (painting, collage, printing and more). Art pieces can be brought home for display!

Sandcastle Adventure

Making the best use of the natural environment, participants first learn the basics of building using sand, water and moulds. Families will compete or collaborate to build elaborate structures they never imagined possible!

Beach Olympics

Families will grouped into teams and members to come out with their own Team Name/ Team Cheer/ Team Identity

  • For Each round of activity, teams will assign team member(s) to complete the challenges.
  • Each activity will take about 20 mins + 10 mins rotation time.
  • Some of the activities are 7 Legged race, dodge ball, Dog and Bone, Relays, etc.

Race Against Time – Family Edition

Race against time – Family Edition is similar to the famous Game show – A Minute to Win it – where participants will have to complete a series of challenges using household items. Families will be in teams and they will be given a run through of the possible challenges that MAY be conducted and then given 30 minutes to practice the challenges. After the practice sessions, teams will need to assign team member(s) to come out and complete the challenges.

Low Elements

Families will be teamed up and will have to go through approximately 3 Low Element stations. The Low Elements requires TEAMs to work together, strategising the best way to complete each challenge in the fastest time possible.

We have a number of Low Element stations such as: Mohawk Walk, Whale Watch, Trolley, Trust Fall, Low Wall and Meuse

Lazer Action

This adrenaline-pumping and team-focused sport akin to engaging in a real-life combat simulation game, puts to test the team’s ability to co-ordinate, strategize and execute an effective game plan while staying “alive” to accomplish a given mission.

Lazer Action! uses harmless infra-red beams laser guns instead of pellets like paintball, thus nothing flies out of the muzzle of the guns when you fire, they just make loud noises. It is a tactical game involving fun, realism, leadership and teamwork, involving participants running around, dodging fire and shooting the opponents down!

Archery Tag

Archery is an activity that uses a bow and propels arrows that practices focus, aim, strength and balance. Imagine doing it in a combat mode! Team-based competitive combative experience where groups battle each other over various adrenaline pumping and action-packed scenarios.

Fringe Activities

We offer other Fringe activities for the Families to do alongside the main activities as well. Some of the activities are:

  • Frisbee
  • Volleyball
  • Bubble Soccer
  • Face Painting (Parent-Child Paint)
  • Movie Screening

and many more…