• 2-way Ferry Transfer
  • Fuel for Jetski
  • Lunch at Kelong/Nongsa
  • Point Marina
  • Trip Leader & Crew Support

0800hrs (SIN Time) : Ferry Depart from Tanah Merah Ferry Terminal (TMFT) to Nongsapura Ferry Terminal (NPFT)
0800hrs (IND Time) : Arrive NPFT, Shuttle Transfer to
Nongsa Point Marina (NPM)
0830hrs : JETSKI Safari Briefing by Tour leader
0930hrs : JETSKI from NPM to Kelong/Vicinity of Batam
1200hrs : Lunch at Kelong/NPM
1330hrs : JETSKI from Kelong/Vicinity of Batam to NPM
1600hrs : Arrive at NPM, Wash Up
1700hrs : Shuttle Transfer to NPFT
1810hrs : Ferry Depart from NPFT to TMFT
2000hrs (SIN Time) : Arrive at TMFT, Singapore

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  • Full payment on confirmation
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Last Saturday morning, over 500 Singaporeans took a typical day at the beach to a whole new level by challenging themselves on the Warrior Challenge obstacle course, which saw them crawling on the sand, flipping tyres, and carrying bags of rice along Sentosa’s Palawan Beach.

Organised by Outdoor Adventures as a part of the GetActive! Singapore lineup, the event was brought to fruition thanks to funding and support from the Active Enabler programme.

Participants in action on Palawan Beach, Sentosa at the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG
Participants in action on Palawan Beach, Sentosa at the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG

“The event first had to be National Day-themed, and it needed to be inclusive. So with that in mind, we thought that we wanted to design the Warrior Challenge such that it’s something for young and old,” said Sharon Ang, assistant director of Outdoor Adventures.

Partipants had to carry sandbags, rice sacks, and even bricks over the course, as the challenge intended to mimic what the coolies and samsui women had to do during the nation’s past.

SportCares representatives in a height obstacle of the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG
SportCares representatives in a height obstacle of the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG

“We thought about our pioneer generation as the warriors, and they went through a tough time to develop Singapore. A lot of Singaporeans don’t know what a coolie does, or what a samsui woman does, so we actually worked it in,” Sharon explained.

The race was open to three categories: Best friends, family, and kids. Some stations were scaled down, consisting of smaller rice sacks and lighter tyres, in order to accommodate younger participants.

Participants racing along Palawan Beach, Sentosa in the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG
Participants racing along Palawan Beach, Sentosa in the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG

Applauding the effort that went into planning the course, participant Leon Liang, found the race challenging, but not in a way that would exclude beginners.

“It was challenging, but not such that other people or kids cannot take part. It’s simple enough to understand, so I think it was pretty good!” said the 27-year-old, who was part of one of the winning teams in the “Best Friends” category, open to those aged 13 and above.

While the activity was termed a ‘challenge’, most who took part in the competition also saw it as an opportunity to just head outdoors and have fun. “I think it’s great that we had the obstacle course, and at the side we had carnival games for families, and also fringe activities. That’s really fun, to get everyone together,” Leon’s team-mate Christel Fung shared.

Participants attempting to clear an obstacle at the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG
Participants attempting to clear an obstacle at the Warriors Challenge. Photo: SportSG

With the Warrior Challenge being a one-of-a-kind activity for the whole family, 40-year-old Chai Ooy Mei signed up as she was on keen on providing her children with a new experience.

When asked about his favourite part of the day, her 9-year-old son Tee Yi Xuan, said: “I liked that we got to do this activity as a family, and got sweaty!”

Besides the Warrior Challenge, participants were also free to take part in the Team Challenge Hourglass, which consisted of a 24-metre high tower comprising of different obstacles that required a group of participants to work as a team in order to ascend.

Youths from Sport Singapore philanthropic arm SportCares were given the opportunity to test themselves in this unique team challenge, and 19-year-old Dinie Irfan was one such participant, scaling the tower with his three friends.

“Doing this allows me and my team to learn what teamwork is, to support each other,” he said.



On August 5th, Outdoor Adventures hosted over 900 participants at The Warrior Challenge! on Sentosa Palawan Beach. This inaugural event was held in support of GetActive! Singapore’s National Day Celebrations. A majority of the participants were beneficiaries from non-profit, voluntary welfare organisations, supported by Sport Singapore’s philanthropic arm SportCares.

This event was planned to coincide with this year’s National Day theme, #OneNationTogether, a rallying call to unite all Singaporeans to stand together and overcome all odds together. With that in mind, The Warrior Challenge! was open to three categories: Best Friends, Family and Kids.

The Warrior Challenge! saw participants overcoming 8 obstacles, simulating the challenges our pioneer generation, such as coolie workers and samsui women, faced during the early days of Singapore, such as carrying bags of rice and transporting bricks. Other obstacles included crawling under nets, flipping tyres, going through a maze and climbing a high wall on the picturesque Palawan Beach in Sentosa. The obstacles were designed to be able to scale down on the spot for families and kids to join in the fun!

This event was a one-of-a-kind event for family and friends to enjoy the great outdoors! Besides The Warrior Challenge!, there were many fringe activities suitable for young and old. These include the Team Challenge Hourglass (a 24 meter high challenge tower comprising of different obstacles), laser combat, archery tag, bubble soccer, kayaking and dragon boat. To offer participants some respite from the heat, there were options such as Local Movie Screenings, Traditional Games Carnival and Local Food Favourites.

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1st April, not just April Fools’ Day, but it also marked a milestone for Outdoor Adventures! For the 1st time, we organised a Family Bonding Day combined with a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) element in it for 900 participants. The highly successful event combined indoor and outdoor activities for both young and old, and was done with ideas both from us and the organisers.

Highlights included an Incredible Race around Sentosa on bicycles for 190 participants, Beach Olympics (Bubble soccer, Dodgeball, 4-way volleyball, Captain’s ball, Frisbee), movie screenings, stalls (Carnival games, food, Photobooth etc) run by participants with proceeds going to charity, Lucky Draw, Live Music band and more!

Even when faced with rain towards the end of the event, it didn’t dampen our spirits as we quickly switched to our wet weather plans without affecting the participants’ energy and spirits, making the day a fun one for the participants and ourselves. With the benchmark now set, we will continue to strive to raise the bar for future Family Bonding Days!

Ah Gong, Ah Ma and the rest of my family’s member would like to say a big ‘Thank you’ to Outdoor Adventures TEAM for the programme (8 Oct 16) at Sentosa. Your TEAM had been very patient with us, you guys were very profession, we enjoyed the session.



Family Bonding Day is a day for families to come together to strengthen their relationships with activities that can be enjoyed as a family.

At Outdoor Adventures, we believe in the importance of family, and that home is where the heart is. Outdoor Adventures believes in creating the perfect opportunity for you to spend time with your family in our fun and exciting recreational activities led by our talented Instructors.


Sentosa Red and Yellow Day 2011 is a unique beach safety event, to educate the public to swim in between the red and yellow flags and also a swimathon with the Beach Patrol team to try and break into the Singapore Book of Records.

Outdoor-Adventures is proud to be a sponsor for this sun-filled event, including BananaBoat gift vouchers and showcasing our ATVs and BananaBoat. Furthermore, we also offered a discounted rate up to 60% for guests dressed in red or yellow.

Outdoor-Adventures is proud to be a SPONSOR of TRI-FACTOR Series 2012. The TRI-FACTOR Series started in 2009, a four-leg series of sporting events from mass swimming, TRI-FACTOR Swim, mass cycling, TRI-FACTOR Bike, mass run, TRI-FACTOR Run to the finale TRI-FACTOR Triathlon.

Outdoor-Adventures is involved in the TRI-FACTOR Swim as a sponsor. Instead of just sponsoring the use of kayaks and BananaBoat Rides gift vouchers for the top prizes, we also have a photo taking booth for guests to pose with our ATV and BananaBoat.